Carbone of North Adams Pulls Out.

Looks like another New/Used Car dealership has pulled out of North Adams.

I was travelling on Rt 2 in North Adams when I realized that the corner lot prevously held by Carbone and before that Haddad is now empty.  Only a sign in the window remains letting people know to visit one of their other locations.

A few years prior, we watched as Gateway Chevrolet also pulled out of North Adams.  Tough economic times it seems. 

Aside from the obvious loss of tax revenue for the town, the absence of local car dealerships is likely to lessen the shopping traffic to North Adams. There remains only one new car dealer now, K&M Motors on Curran Highway.

My opinion? - Well, 20 years ago there were a handful of cars that reached 40mpg and even more. Automotive manufacturers are more than capable of providing energy and cost efficient vehicle that are far superior to what they currently offer and with the economic climate as it is, If they don't provide what we demand - they will cease to be successful. I for one, feel no pity.